Ian @ The Lion & Snake, Lincoln

Marston’s support helps me strike a healthy work/life balance

“I have a young family, and running my own pub has given me the flexibility to balance being a parent with building my own business. I work hard and I’m ambitious, but kids grow up fast and I want to make sure I don’t miss out as a dad. Marston’s has offered me so much support and I enjoy the respect Marston’s and customers have towards me and the pub.”


John @ The Griffin, Loughborough

Having Marston’s in my network helps make my ideas marketable

“I am naturally creative and would describe myself as a marketer, so being able to use this in my day to day routine, allows me to be the ultimate social networker! Don’t get me wrong, the days are long and differ from one to the other, but Marston’s has given me so much support and I am able to voice my opinions and ideas…and be heard. Marston’s is a great company – they’ve been around for a long time and they are passionate about pubs and the beers they brew.”


Lisa @ The Moreton Arms, Wolverhampton

Working with Marston’s gives me creative freedom

“I have worked for other companies in the past, but I like that Marston’s is ‘less corporate’ and offers that family feel. I have always wanted to be in the industry and have been in the trade for 20 years but Marston’s has definitely given me the freedom to shape my own business which helps me create moments that matter – that’s what I love to do, what motivates me.”


Anita @ The Robin Hood, Lambley

Whatever the day brings, we rise to the challenge as a family

“I am so lucky to be able to work alongside my family, we all have different roles to play and bounce off one another with ideas. No two days are the same, they do vary. However being part of a community, having that customer interaction and most importantly working alongside my family, is definitely what I enjoy most about what I do. It really is a family affair for us.”


Neil @ The Fox at Shipley, Wolverhampton

I love running a venue that brings the local community together

“Having never ran a pub before, I have now been at the Fox for 10 years. Like any business, it was initially tough as no two days are the same however, I really enjoy being part of the community and being that community hero! It’s hard work, people aren’t just going to walk through the door but I find it so satisfying that customers are so eager to get involved in charity work and actively donate to a good cause. Being at the pub for so long, my customers and employees feel like family to me and that’s what I really enjoy about running my own business.”


Wendy @ The Bull, Wolverhampton

I put my heart and soul into what I do – Marston’s support makes sure it’s all worthwhile

“Running your own pub isn’t just a job, it becomes part of your life and I am so lucky to be doing something I enjoy every day! My customers are at the heart of what I do. I aim to deliver the best service and standards possible. I am proud of my pub, customers, and the quality of products Marston’s produce. The company has been really good to me and the support has been fantastic!”


Tony & Janet @ Boars Head, Standish

We’ve started something special and love watching it grow

Over the last 18 months, since taking over, Janet and Tony have seen the team at the Boars Head grow from just 4 front of house and 3 chefs, to up an army of 30+. All employed locally, some of the team have followed the couple to the Boars Head from previous businesses, and others have started out lending a hand, then never left.


Callum & Tom @ Bulls Head, Shrewsbury

Marston’s helps us achieve business goals – now we’re reaping the rewards

“Both of us are very business-minded. Despite early success in the pub, we will never rest on our laurels and are always hunting for opportunities to increase awareness of the pub and in turn grown sales. For example, we deliver Sunday lunches locally, which has gone down really well. We are also planning to use some of the empty retail space in the train station and set up a ‘Pop-up Bar’ to drive some trade from commuters.”