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The freedom to be your own boss. The dream of running your own pub. Sounds great in theory, doesn’t it? But what’s it really like? Well, for starters, it takes loads of energy, bags of creativity and brilliant organisational skills. What you get out of it in return, though, is a level of self-sufficiency that’s only limited by the type of agreement you sign with Marston’s! Check out what our current pub partners have to say about working here and take our quiz to see if it’s for you.

How much freedom can you handle?

Take our quiz to find out the agreement that works best for you. Just answer a series of quick questions – they’ll help you work out if you’re the kind of person who’d benefit from a bit more support from our teams as you learn all about running a pub, or if you’re positioned perfectly to go into business more independently.

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Our pub partners

There are all different kinds of people running Marston’s pubs and they’ve all chosen different levels of support from the business. The things they have in common though, are they’re all full of brilliant ideas, they work really hard and they are fully committed to running their own establishments. Most of all, they’ve all had the chance to achieve their ambitions by working with us. Click here to find out what they have to say about being a Marston’s pub partner.

Ian - The Lion & Snake, Lincoln

Marston’s support helps me strike a healthy work/life balance

Tony and Janet - Boars Head, Standish

We’ve started something special and love watching it grow

Callum & Tom - Bulls Head, Shrewsbury

Marston’s helps us achieve business goals – now we’re reaping the rewards

Pubs code
regulations 2016

Marston’s PLC is the landlord of more than 500 tied pubs and is a “pub-owning business” for the purposes of the legislation and is therefore subject to the provisions of the Pub Code regulations 2016.

The Pubs Code Regulations impose upon us an obligation to provide prospective pub operators with certain information during the recruitment process, which will enable them to make an informed decision about the business and the agreement they are considering entering into. The Pubs Code regulates the business relationship between Marston’s and our pub operators partners. This will provide prospective pub operators with a clear view of what they can expect when working in partnership with Marston’s.

Read the agreement in full and find out more here.

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You’re ready to free your ambition and build the business you always dreamed of. So how do you start this brilliant journey towards a life-changing opportunity?

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