Do You Have to be Passionate About Pubs to Run One?

There are many different qualities shared by successful publicans. For instance, they’re creative, well-organised and hard-working. When all is said and done, though, these people are business-minded entrepreneurs. So, if they’re passionate enough about making money, does it matter whether or not they’re passionate about pubs? Let’s take a look.


Running a pub is a way of life
Passion for products is essential
You have to love people

Running a pub is a way of life

It doesn’t matter how passionate you are about developing as a businessperson . If you don’t have a love for the job you’re doing, you’re less likely to want to work as hard as someone who does. Passion for the pub experience is the enabler of ambition. This is why the most successful publicans say that running a pub isn’t a job, it’s a way of life.

They love the hustle and bustle of a busy night. They love seeing guests’ faces light up when they taste a menu item that delights their taste buds. They love that quiet five minutes before opening time, where the team is ready to go and you can sense the anticipation of the day ahead in the air.

The kick that publicans get from running a great pub is evident to their guests and that all plays a part in developing the warm, convivial atmosphere so essential to the hospitality environment.

Passion for products is essential

Great publicans are delighted by pub fare. Beer, wine, spirits, soft drinks and great pub grub are, to them, sensory experiences made to be enjoyed. And having high product standards helps them to stand out from their competitors.

A publican who’s driven to develop a good knowledge of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages their customers love will be able to sell those drinks more convincingly because they believe in the quality of the product.

By the same token, a publican with a passion for food will be able to describe the flavours of every dish on their food menu.

In fact one of the reasons Marston’s established the Pillar Partnership was in order to appeal to Publicans with a passion for great food. The agreement offers landlords or landladies the opportunity to develop their own menus, giving them the chance to offer something different from the competition.

You have to be a people person

Pubs are at the heart of the communities within which they operate. And publicans are pillars of those communities. Ambassadors for local life who create connections between people and enable their social activities. So, you have to really love that aspect of your work to be able to make a proper go of it.

We’ve all heard stories of pub landlords and landladies—“characters” whose individual mannerisms are all part of their offbeat charm. And there’s nothing wrong with that—some of the most successful pub partners out there are nothing if not quirky. What unites them all, though, is that they love being that person at the centre of it all.

That’s why so many publicans go the extra mile to help out the local community, fundraising through charity events, helping out local schools and sports teams and checking in on their senior citizens. It doesn’t just help them to feel good about what they do—it also enables them to develop a more successful pub that local people feel naturally connected to, so it’s win-win.

So, the short answer is—yes, you absolutely do have to be passionate about pubs to run one. At least, if you want to create the sort of atmosphere which will have people visiting time and time again.

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