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Can I make money running a pub?

Is running a pub profitable? Well, being a pub landlord or landlady is a great way to make money for the right kind of person. You’ll need to love the idea of being self-employed because you won’t get a salary, but rather, will be your own boss, responsible for your own income, hiring your own staff and doing your own taxes.

Is running a pub a good idea?

Bar tender handing drink to cutomerYou’ll need to be a big personality who can really connect with your customers, if you want your pub business to turn a profit. Ask yourself, ‘should I work in hospitality?’ and, if you think you’re the kind of person who’s cut out to make a living dealing with the public, then yes, it’s definitely possible to run a financially successful pub.

People come into the pub industry from all kinds of backgrounds. Not just hospitality. Many commercially successful Pub Partners here at Marston’s, for instance, started out their careers in Retail or as professional footballers amongst other varied backgrounds. One thing all of them share is the desire to be financially secure.

Is running a pub a viable business?

The pub is a core part of British cultural life, so it is absolutely a viable business – yes, even in this day and age. Especially with a brewery like Marston’s – we have over 180 years’ experience of running a profitable company! People will always want somewhere to go to get great food and drink and, if you’re able to provide that for them, that makes investing in a pub a great idea that can really pay off.

Is running a pub hard work?

Is it easy to make money running a pub? What do you think? There’s no magic wand you can wave that will make your pub a success. You’re going to have to really put your heart and soul into your pub, if you want to make a good living doing it. Can you get rich running a pub? That depends on what you define as rich, how much effort you’re prepared to put in and whether you have the magic touch required to turn it into a real success story. Let’s put it this way – there’s no limit to what you can earn running a pub.

What kind of person does it take to run a successful pub?

Waitress taking order from a table of customers in a pubWell, the kind who can really connect with the locals and become a core part of their lives, even at the toughest of times. It’s not as simple as opening the bar and waiting for the customers to come in and order a pint. The most profitable pubs are the ones where the people running them make customers want to go in and spend their money. Big ideas, big personality and a big heart, basically.

How much money will I make running a pub?

The amount you earn from running a pub all depends on how big the pub is, where it is, what your partnership agreement with the brewery is, how much money you invest and how well you manage the pub. Financial security is the real goal, here. Making sure you earn enough to be comfortable and to keep the pub looking and operating at its best. Everything else is gravy, as they say, and it’s down to you to make sure you make as much money as possible by putting your all into it every day, without fail.

It could be a lot; it could be a little. With a great brewery business behind you and plenty of hard work, there’s absolutely no reason you shouldn’t make a lot of money running your own pub.

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